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Divided by their musical dialects and surrounded by the sounds they’ve come to understand, civilisations have become secluded. You’ve grown up to the tunes of your hometown’s string instruments, foreign to all other music. However, compelled by an unfamiliar melody echoing from the distance, you see no choice but to seek its source. With your violin in hand, you’ll venture to the far tower, attain understanding through harmonisation, and learn that music knows no barriers. 

In Gloria, you will explore various towns, experience a variety of musical styles and meet a charming cast of characters. Through the harmonies you build, you’ll come to understand their hardships, and help them to overcome the loneliness they feel. 

Developed as a Games Design & Art final project, by:

Ella Dawson

Bernardo Viola

Dean Rands

George Rickard

Samuel Green

Tim Burnelis

Sidhhant Girhotra


This game requires a controller (and associated drivers) to play, and  isn't  currently optimised. Depending on your hardware, you will likely need to lower the game's quality settings. This version of the game is that which was used for our London degree show, and thus restarts automatically when left idle.


Windows Build.zip 99 MB
macOS Build.zip 100 MB

Install instructions

A controller (and associated drivers) are required to play the game. Only an Xbox One controller has been tested on MacOS, using files found here:



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While the game could use a little bit of in-game story or tutorialization, this is still a fantastic example of emotional storytelling though mechanics. Really well done!