A downloadable prototype for Windows

This prototype was intended for testing a general concept for a potential game project. Working from either a fresh seed or one given to you by someone else, place three paving stones and then copy the seed that is generated afterwards. Give this seed to someone else, so that they may continue the process.

Be sure to let me know about your experiences and thoughts, either in the comments below, on Twitter ( @CrowenceDean ) or via email ( contact@crowence.com ).



Movement - Left Stick

Camera - Right Stick

Place Tile: A / X

Keyboard & Mouse:

Movement - WASD

Camera - Mouse Movement

Place Tile - SpaceLeft Click

Seed Interactions:

For the first seed, you can type out or paste in a seed (with Ctrl+V), and load the seed by pressing the Enter (Return)  key.

For the second seed, you can copy the seed (with Ctrl+C) to paste it elsewhere, and exit the game by pressing either Escape or Enter.


Asynchronous Sharing Prototype.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the .zip file, and then launch the executable file called "Asynchronous Shared Experience.exe" inside the "Build 2" folder.

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